Monday, July 2, 2012


Ok, my brain works in random ways. I actually started to blog about the Euro 2012 tournament. (Spain won BTW. Since Team USA wasn't in the tournament for obvious reasons, I was supporting Germany but Die Mannschaft went out in the semis). But then I thought that since this was a Euro tourney I should use the term "football" because all of the countries involved do. Then I got to thinking about the word "soccer" and that was when I went off the rails....

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Say the word "soccer" to a British person. It's a great way to wind them up... He/she will correct you every time. "It's called FOOTBALL,ya yank bastard". They will often point out that in American football, you rarely actually kick the ball. Some will even bemoan what they consider the Yank arrogance in renaming the sport soccer, which they will say is a word that doesn't even make sense.(after all,we don't play in our socks,do we?) And they're right,until you look up the word

and find out that they were the ones that came up with the name...

See, the word comes from Oxford University which as I'm sure you know is in England,where the students have a habit of shortening words.There were two main types of "football"...called rugby and association football. Take the "soc" from aSOCciation, add "er" and there ya go, SOCcer. American football evolved from rugby,so we call it football,and we use the Oxford -er so we can tell them apart. Don't blame you limeys love to point out, YOU invented the language.

NOTE: for those of you unfamiliar with rugby, it's a contact sport,played without pads,similar to American football and Australian rules football. It's played with an oval ball,and as far as I can tell the object of the game is to toss the ball around while running into each other at high speed until someone is bleeding. Game play continues until a clear majority of players are bleeding and the team that draws the most blood from their opponents is declared the winner, then everybody fucks off down to the pub to drink beer (still bleeding). The main rule is, try not to kill anybody.

So why would anyone play this game? Two reasons :
1 They're insane
2: Hot female fans

This game is very popular in New Zealand, which illustrates just how insane Kiwis actually are.

 ANNNNNYYYWAYYYY...... That's why we call it soccer here but to avoid confusion , I will always call it football in this blog and I will say American football when referring to our version.

In conclusion, since Spain won the Euro, Here's some hot girls in spanish kit

Congratulations to the Selección de fútbol de España on your Euro win


  1. Thank you for calling it football. I have that battle here in Australia. I've always called in football because my dad is English and it's just how I speak. People here tell me it's called soccer as evidenced by the fact that our national team is called the Socceroos (How embarrassing, right?) I try to tell them that in 2006 Australia officially aligned with the rest of the world in calling it football and now we have the Football Federation Australia (FFA) but they still won't listen. It's like beating my head against a wall.
    Thankfully I am moving to England in two months (for a few months at least) so I'll have some sanity - and an awesome football experience to boot! ('Scuse the pun!) xx

  2. It's starting to catch on here too. Our league is called Major League Soccer, but 4 of the 19 teams have "FC" in their names. It's still kind of hard to find MLS coverage on network TV here,and you can just about forget seeing Premiere League football, but I think that will change as the kids that are growing up playing it grow into adults