Thursday, December 13, 2012

Does anyone know what this is???

Bet you don't. You've seen it's more famous cousin before many times, but I seriously doubt you've ever seen this one.This is the Bisexual pride flag. A lot of people out there have no idea what bisexuality actually is, so in my quest to destroy stereotypes and ignorance worldwide I thought I'd tackle this one next.

Bisexuals face a lot more prejudice than you probably realize. You might think that ,with all the girl on girl videos and the songs about girls kissing girls and the party girls kissing their friends in the club, bisexuality is accepted in our society today. You'd be wrong. They actually get it from both sides (bad pun definitely intended) of the spectrum.  The bible mafia hates them because the book of Leviticus says that God hates anyone who engages in same-sex ....well, sex ( it also says that God hates shrimp, pigs,and poly/cotton blends too, but they ignore that part...go figure) The gay mafia hates them for not being "gay enough". Whatever that means.

So what is bisexual anyway? Let's start with what it's not.

1: Gay. It's true, Bis are not "gay enough"....they're not gay at all, they're BISEXUAL. Not half gay/ half straight. Homosexuals are not attracted to people of the opposite sex, and heterosexuals are not attracted to people of the same sex. Bisexuality is a third, separate category.

2: Confused: many people, both straight and gay claim that there is no such thing as bisexual, there is only hetero and homo. Anyone who goes both ways is just in denial about being gay. It's probably the only thing the two camps have ever agreed on. It's ridiculous of course. Some bis have a preference, but again, gays only sleep with gays

3:Greedy/ promiscuous. Being bisexual does NOT automatically make you polyamorous.It means you're attracted to people of both sexes. You can have that attraction and not act on it if you're in a monogamous relationship.

4: Attention whores:  These are the girls who kiss each other in the bars because "guys like it"

Hot? yes.. Bi?  probably not

There's a fuckton of chicks out there that get drunk in the pub and start sucking face with their best friends. That does not mean they're really bisexual. They might be, and the alcohol just loosened up their inhibitions, but if they only do it when there are guys around it's probably just for the attention.

Unfortunately there is a double standard.Far more girls than boys self-identify as bi. The reason for that is as simple as it is sad... Boys are more likely to get beat up for it

Anyway. Bisexuality is having an attraction to both sexes. It's not a choice, any more than being straight or gay.

And if you're wondering about mine own sexuality... As much as I love you,gentle reader< that's none of your fucking busniess

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