Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

So, it's father's day in the US again.The cliche about getting a bad tie for father's day is as old as father's day itself
In fact you'll find myriad web pages and blogs devoted to "bad" father's day gifts (mostly satirical), and every time we have turned on the TV over the last few months every retailer from radio shack to home depot has tried to convince us that we could find the PERFECT gift on their shelves.

Now, I rarely blog about my kids. In fact I never do... the reason for this is I'm one of the few parents out there that understands that the vast majority of the 6 billion people on the planet absolutely don't give a shit about my progeny. Today I make an exception.

This is what I got for father's day. It's not a tie, or a tool, or the latest gadget, but I think it's pretty much the "perfect" gift.

Happy father's day to all the current and future dads out there

Leave a comment about YOUR favorite father's day gift

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  1. Thank you for understanding we don't want your spawn crammed down our throats! But I definitely think this post is more than OK!
    Father's Day in Australia isn't until the first Sunday of September. Sometimes that's my birthday so Dad & I share the day. This year, I didn't click when I booked my flights to England. I have to get my dad to drive me to the airport and wish me well as I jet off to move in with my brother, his only other child, leaving him alone in Australia for a few months. I am racked with guilt about this & for that reason, am not looking forward to Father's Day this year. :( Enjoy your McFlurry though! Happy Father's Day! xx