Tuesday, June 19, 2012

southwest fail... again

Yet again, Southwest airlines has decided to play morality police. On June 5th a young woman got on a 6 am flight from Vegas to NYC wearing this
Cover Your Cleavage for Takeoff: Southwest Airlines Screws Up Again the word "jezebel isn't a criticism, it's the website I cribbed the picture from...

Yes she's got serious cleavage going on there...yes the look is way too hippy for my taste. But does that mean that her outfit is "inappropriate"? According to the uptight bastards at Southwest it does. They told her to button up or she couldn't fly. Well this gutsy woman said screw that, and she got on the plane just like the way she was. Apparently the airline decided not to make too big an issue over it,and the plane took off. Guess what... IT DIDN'T crash!!!! Which leads me to believe that the only reason her girls were a problem was that Southwest is afraid of offending the delicate sensibilities of the other passengers... In fact southwest talking head Christi McNeill told Jezebel.com  "As a Company that promotes a casual and family-focused atmosphere onboard our aircraft and in our airports, we simply ask that our Customers use good judgment and exercise discretion in deference to other Customers who depend on us to provide a comfortable travel experience,"  and  "Our Flight Crews and Employees are responsible for the safety and comfort of everyone onboard the flight."  

In other words, don't offend the prudes. Well Southwest, fuck you very much.  
So why does this bother me? Hey, I don't have cleavage,and I don't really fly often... I'll tell you why it bothers me. It bothers me any time someone gets a hard time because some douchenozzle might get "offended" Anyone who goes out with the intention of pissing people off is likely just a dick, but if someone is offended just by me being me, that's their fucking problem. Some people just need to stop taking themselves so bloody seriously.
 So what's the solution?  I have an idea for that my friends ;-) I think a group of women should get together and charter an all female southwest flight...and ride topless from gate to gate

Yup... boobs out the whole way. Keep it women only so no one can try to portray it as a sex thing, and just keep doing it until someone stands up and yells

...wait for it...

...waaiiittt foorrrr iiiiiitttttt.....

" I am sick and TIRED of these motherfucking TITS on this motherfucking PLANE!!

That oughta show the fuckers

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